Yoga IS Medicine

I am so thrilled and honored to be asked to speak at the Yoga Research Conference 2016 in Austin next month- put on by Pure Action, Yoga IS Medicine…
 This is an amazing 3-day conference full of yoga research, heath and wellness talks and of course woven into the schedule each day will be amazing awe inspiring yoga classes!

I will be sharing more about the ArmorUp for LIFE movement, how and why you should ArmorUp for LIFE and why Yoga truly is medicine.
 Below is the registration page to join the conference. I can’t wait to see everyone even if it will be a very very quick trip. ( i can’t stay the whole time but i’m honored to share my story and I hope save lives with my message)
 – Thank you for the continued prayers and taking the time to ArmorUp for LIFE in your own life!
 God bless!
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Loriana Hernandez