Why you should ArmorUp for LIFE®

Two years ago today.. I lost a friend, a cancer warrior and fighter, Ryan. His kids lost a dad, his wife lost a husband and his mom lost a son. We didn’t know each other a lifetime but my heart will forever have a place for him.
 We met on the halls of Johns Hopkins as we both faced a fierce battle with leukemia. When we met, it seemed we had so much in common.
 -A fierce battle with leukemia
 -We wanted to win and get out of there and go home to our families. He wanted to go home to his wife, newborn baby and toddler. I wanted to go home to Gabriel.
 -We glowed and smiled from ear to ear when we spoke of our kids.
 -Our kids were asking “How many sleeps”– we couldn’t give them an answer. Could it be 100 sleeps or maybe never again. At the time we didn’t know.
 -We loved our spouses for their strength and dedication to take care of our family so we could fight.
 –We had dedicated parents doing all they could to help us.
 –We WALKED and WALKED and WALKED those halls. Each step – for his kids and my Gabriel… hoping it was one step closer to a cure, less pain and total body healing.
 –We both loved the lord and praised HIM for the strength to go on each day.
 But one day I woke up and walked down the hall to see him and his room was empty. Chaplains were on the hall once again for another life taken by ugly cancer and my heart just broke in half. He loved his family so much. His kids needed him like Gabriel needs me and yet they could no longer have him. It just didn’t seem fair. It still doesn’t.
 I fight back tears tonight thinking of that day I sat and starred out the window asking why??
 So when you ask me why I am relentless in my posts when I fight for you to ArmorUp for LIFE® in your lives or when I ask you to donate to help give HOPE, better treatment and good lord.. may I even say the word CURE… then please know I am speaking from my heart…. a broken heart.. and know I don’t want to see this happen anyone else. This story could be yours… or someone you love.
 Let’s fight for Ryan and so many others — who left us way too soon.
 My doctor at Hopkins told me “You can’t live in fear… go out there and be proactive. Raise money and help those who fund research for us like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society because this could be what you need to survive if god forbid you relapse. You need a new treatment and right now there isn’t anything but the same thing we have been doing for years.
 We need MORE treatment options that give us HOPE so we can buy more time for patients until we find a CURE…. and we need treatment options that not just increase the chances of survival but for those who do survive they need a better quality of life.”
 So that my friends is what I do every single day. I give back so we don’t have to tell you story next.
 Please #ArmorUp for LIFE® — get FIT to fight in case you ever have to fight cancer and then ArmorUp for LIFE® to help those already IN the fight.
 Donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
 Donate Blood
 Sign up to become a bone marrow donor
 God bless…

– Thank you for the continued prayers and taking the time to ArmorUp for LIFE® in your own life!
 God bless!
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Loriana Hernandez