ArmorUp for LIFE® is a non-profit launched by Loriana Hernandez-Aldama the day she went from telling everyone’s story to “Becoming the Story with a diagnosis of (AML) Leukemia. She faced a leukemia with no official cure, no advancements in 40 years, low survival rates, all while separated from her then 20 month old son, Gabriel.  It was that moment, Loriana realized her battle was much bigger than her.

As an Emmy Award winning journalist, Loriana naturally found the need to be transparent, educate the world about battling cancer, the voids in the system, the lack of a patient navigation system, how clinical trials were presented, the power of PREhabilitation, the need to “meet the medicine halfway” and the key for medical teams to look beyond the numbers and see patients as the WHOLE PATIENT.  Her discoveries gave her the drive and determination to find a path to advocate for others in the fight and effect change in the treatment process.

Her solution: launch the non-profit, ArmorUp for LIFE®, from her bedside in the midst of her own fight for her life to give all patients the tools they need for success.


ArmorUp for LIFE® has a mission that is two-fold:

To arm people with the most powerful tools to PREPARE for an illness through “PREhabilitation, so they can PRESENT well to doctors, and position themselves to PREVAIL.  Engage and educate about the power of preparing for an illness “PREhabiliation” through 3 easy steps:  Prepare-Present-Prevail.

For those already in the fight, ArmorUp for LIFE® helps arm cancer patients with the tools they need for success so they can how to “meet the medicine halfway,” “become an equal partner in their own success” so they can “become their own HERO” through 5 pillars: Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle, Spiritual and Financial fitness.

Our goal is to see ArmorUp for LIFE® build a pit-crew for every patient to be a lifelong trusted resource for patients and ultimately change lives by going beyond the numbers and treating the WHOLE PATIENT.


  • Advocate
  • Educate
  • Raise Awareness and value of treating the who patient
  • Provide patient perspective in the medical community
  • Educate medical professionals so they can learn the tools to better engage the community before an illness strikes
  • Assist cancer patients already in the fight by giving them the tools they need to PREPARE-PRESENT-PREVAIL. Prepare themselves for the illness, so they can present well to their doctors and position themselves to ultimately prevail.