Week 1 at home & my follow up appt

Good morning everyone!!
Headed back to Johns Hopkins bright and early with Cesar. We should find out the results of my bone marrow biopsy one week ago today. We are PRAYING for 100% donor. This means we need my bone marrow to be 100% my sister’s DNA. I’ve been up all night stressing. We want NO sign of my marrow or leukemia. This is also my weekly visit with my main doctor to check my blood counts, adjust my meds if needed and to talk long term. It’s exactly why I have Cesar with me. It’s always too much to absorb alone.

As for being home- it’s been amazing and so busy. It’s been so nice to be a family again. To put all the suitcases away and started to throw away ALL my at home medical supplies because I want to believe I’m NEVER going back there except weekly appointments. I can’t. I see the toll this year took on Gabriel. Gabriel says “Mami Daddy Gabriel. I happy.” He’s so happy to have both of us together and with him. When Cesar leaves for work– He won’t let go of me. He panics if I go to the garage to grab something or if I’m out of his sight. He tells me repeatedly “I missed you. I love you. Hold me.” He wants me to rock him like a baby and give him 100% attention. I haven’t texted or called anyone and rarely on FB this week just because after what he’s been through he deserves all my attention at this moment. I have left Gabriel 5 times this year for a range of 40-68 days and for all he knows -this is how life goes. I come and go. I hope to give him the security to know that he now has me forever. It’s why I need to be cured.

Overall, the week has been a fairytale of coming home to my family. To have Cesar and Gabriel together with me is like a dream. I can’t believe I’m home. I treasure every moment. I now know how bad Gabriel needs Cesar and I and how Cesar and I need one another. Being cured is my only option.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. I may be home but keep the prayers coming. I still have many tests over this year.
I’ll post my biopsy results after my appointment today.


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