We need better ways to FIGHT AML Leukemia!

First.. thank you ALL from my heart for taking part in this challenge. I can’t begin to tell you what your participation means to me and my fight and others in the fight. I write this in tears today.

Please read this story so you know why your help means so much and the reason behind your challenge and your fight for you to get FIT. I am so grateful for each and every one of you!!!

This story breaks my heart. I have a lump in my throat because i’m on the verge of tears all day reading this.I hate cancer. I hate Leukemia and I really hate the AML — A form of Leukemia that has treatment that has not changed in 30 years. Why? Someone please help. Help hi. Help us. We have hope. We have the fight in our hearts. We need a cure.

I’m proud he will keep fighting. I hope he beats it again. I want to believe he will but this is the same
S&%that has so many of us living on edge and worrying about watching our kids grow up. It’s so easy for others to say “You can’t live like that and always worrying if you will see your kids grow up” but they haven’t walked in our shoes. You have no idea what it is like. Craig Sager — you keep fighting. We will keep praying. We are all your prayer warriors.. for you and the entire cancer community who needs a cure.

First.. Let’s please pray for him. Let’s pray for my friend Paul who relapsed and is currently undergoing another transplant and let’s find a damn cure.

Then GET INVOLVED— Donate to www.lls.org or go to my www.armorupcampaign.com and your donation will go to LLS.

Then go enjoy life because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. This is part of ArmoringUp— you simply don’t know so go out there and live with no regrets.

Prayers for Craig.

God bless.

Loriana Hernandez