Vacation is over-made so many memories!

Vacation pictures of our trip to Hilton Head. What a great time. Can’t remember being this happy in a long long time. We walk, ran and cycled on the beach. We held hands as a family, snuggled, we built sand castles and jumped over the waves. It truly was a beautiful soul filling vacation. My heart feels complete. I got my vacation I cried every day for while in the hospital. Next vacation will be in August to renew our vows. 
It was great to make memories. I enjoyed seeing other families on vacation too as they made their own memories. I must admit there were a few times I wanted to tell people to “pick their heads up and be present in the moment” but I know that’s not my business. I wanted to say “excuse me sir or ma’am but FB will be there when you get home so post your pictures and look up and enjoy your family. What if you don’t have tomorrow .”  
Yes.. Crazy I know but these are things that go through my mind after my life changed in an instant and I starred death in the face. I had so many regrets. I don’t want others to have that same heartache. 

Please go out and enjoy your kids and family. Get healthy. Change your life through diet and exercise, manage stress and take a vacation. Yes I know we all need to budget money for the future but you can’t take it with you so budget some to enjoy the NOW. Go live life. 🙂 

#ArmorUp for LIFE® 

Love you guys!!



Loriana Hernandez

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