Hi Everyone!I haven’t had time to even update you guys from my last Hopkins appointment on Friday. 

I had too much on my mind and the wheels turning in my head so I had too much anxiety to type an update.
Plus, while my doctors are AMAZING and brilliant they are also so transparent because they deal with so much tragedy that they just throw out stats that I rather not know about. It’s like playing the ridiculous NO LEUKEMIA LOTTO.. I hate stats. I just want to focus on winning and never looking back.

However, there are some patients that transplants don’t work for. I know..there are people who do great and things for whatever reason.. things change. I met these people. I freak out when I hear these stories. So I told my doctor “Please stop…. I repeat.. i do NOT want to know about that. I want to focus on life, loving every second of life, enjoying life with my family and please leave the stats at the damn door. 

This is where the reporter in me says… i would rather be clueless. Thank you! 

That being said.. MY COUNTS ARE GREAT. This is a good sign.  

The big big big deal is my bone marrow biopsy procedure for my almost ONE year post transplant on October 16th… that test must show NO SIGNS of cancer.
And remember that STEM CELL study that caught my cancer coming back last year in the middle of treatment? Remember, I pulled myself out of the study because they wanted to randomize me and perhaps not give me the transplant I would need? I still have NO results from the research team. Why? Because I pulled myself out of the study because I needed this transplant for a 2nd chance at life. Now it is a matter of begging these researchers to please please share the test results with my oncologist so we can have peace of mind. This test takes a deeper look at the cells and can be very telling and really catch something early.  
I’m trying to lower the stress in my life. Clearly, I learned I can’t always control that but i’m doing my best because I want to see my son grow up.

My doctor says STRESS is not good for me and it is not good for any cancer patient/survivor and BTW it is not good for you either.. -STRESS is not good for the body. Stress can weaken an immune system and a weaken immune system can open you up for relapse and/or other problems. 
I’m sure my little update is boring.. but if it at all inspires you to get up and get fit, change your life through diet, exercise and lifestyle then I feel complete. ArmorUp for LIFE® now while you can. If you do show up at that door to fight.. you will be ready.. 
As my doctor says.. “You can drink all the green drinks in the world and run all you want but if you are not sleeping and you are stressing… it can be just as dangerous.”
Prayers that I forever win the NO LEUKEMIA LOTTO.. and never look back at the C word again! 

Gabriel and Cesar need me!

Prayers that you #ArmorUp for LIFE®
Upcoming tests… 


Then a round of many doctors to repair all the damage the chemo did to my body. Thank GOD I started off FIT so chemo would only damage my organs and not destroy them. Now the road to repairing and recovering. 


Loriana Hernandez