Update from Hopkins

As much as I dread going to my oncologist at Johns Hopkins.. I always learn such interesting information to share with others in 2 other post… 
But first.. the GREAT NEWS—after a long anxiety filled day–I remain FREE of Cancer!! 
My doctor explained, when you have a transplant , new cells grow every day especially the first year. I have to be tested often to make sure those NEW cells are my sister’s DNA and healthy —not mine. We don’t want mine. They were bad. So far my numbers continue to be climb how they should. Today he said a few key ones were “strangely perfect” for where I should be at this point in recovery. I ‘ll share in another post what I swear helped me.  
However, my doctor still cannot explain WHY I am getting mild bone pain in my left arm on a regular basis. The same arm where I had horrific bone pain before I was diagnosed. It is strange and he has no answer for it. 
He also has to send me to a cancer specialist for damage done to my body because of so much chemo… from thyroid to adrenal glands and more. He reminded me of my #ArmorUp for LIFE® Campaign and why it is so important. He said “look at all the damage and you started off strong and fit. Image if you started off weak.. where would you go from there ?” He said 1 in 2 men will likely get some form of cancer in their lifetime and 1 in 3 women are expected to. . Many won’t be fit enough to tolerate therapy to treat that cancer and will have to have a smaller dose or different approach.  
While I am cancer free, we pray every single day that I remain that way. He sees no reason i shouldn’t but he also knows it can change in an instant. Thus my anxiety. I currently have a friend from the hospital who is just a few months ahead of me post transplant (16 months) who is now showing signs of relapse. You can’t take a single day for granted. Any of us. I don’t want to give out his name but please keep him in your prayers. It just doesn’t add up. This is why we need more research. 
God bless!

Thank you for all the prayers. 

Please please #ArmorUp for LIFE® !


Loriana Hernandez

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