Tough start to my Sunday

Cancer SUCKS!!! I just lost another friend to Leukemia. The friend I mentioned recently who relapsed just lost his battle.  It is so hard to stay strong these days when you hear news like this.  I tell Cesar some days I just rather not make any more friends who are battling cancer because I cannot emotionally handle any more loss.  IT’s just not fair.  Then after praying for him and his family I feel so guilty to worry about my own fight.  Its not about me but it scares the S#%$ out of me and it reminds me how quickly things can turn.  I’m always hugging Cesar and Gabriel and holding them tight but this reminds me to hold them closer. 

Please, I have a few requests.

Pray for my friend and the pain his family is in.

Keep me and other survivors in your prayers.  It is so hard to focus and stay positive when we hear stories of loss.  I try to ignore them and just charge ahead but i can’t deny that this is happening and a family is hurting.  Please keep me in your prayers and my sweet friends.

Also, please donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  The money they are raising is helping fast track drugs that improve survival rates and lessen the toxicity of chemo and other treatment.  There is a drug on the fast track now with the company Celator.  It can’t get approved fast enough.  I don’t know if it would have helped my friend but it can help others in the fight. 

Let this also serve as a reminder to stay strong and #ArmorUp for LIFE®.  Get healthy because you never know what is in your path and you need to be fit to fight hard.  Please do it for yourself and your family. 

You may get so tired and annoyed of my #ArmorUp for LIFE® posts.  It’s ok. If i can help one person get fit, one person prepare for what comes his or her way then I feel better.  I will never stop #ArmoringUp.. for my son, my husband, my family and for all those who lost the fight.  

God Bless! 

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