The Trouble with Bone Marrow Transplants

lori_chemo​Question: Why are there so few minority donors for the bone marrow donor list?

My heart sank when I was told “if you need a transplant there are slim pickings because you are of mixed race. The majority of donors are white.”  So, if you know me at all, you know I’m now determined to help boost the number of minorities who sign up for a bone marrow transplant. ​

Let’s #armorup and:

  • Raise awareness about the 1/2 Match Program that Johns Hopkins developed in response to this shortage.
  • Encourage EVERYONE to get a blood test, a complete blood count (CBC), on a regular basis. (In September I didn’t have cancer. By January it was quickly spreading throughout my body.)
  • Have Dr. Phil explain the latest technology being tested at Johns Hopkins where I am patient #1 in a clinical trial to look not just in your bone marrow for cancer, but take a deeper look in to your stem cells. (The goal of this test is to prevent relapses and catch the problem up front.)

Thanks to this study and deeper testing, while my bone marrow proved cancer free, my stem cells did not, and that will now change the course of my treatment. I have my next bone marrow biopsy next week; praying for clean stem cells.

I thank you for joining me in giving me strength and allowing me to walk this path in the hopes I might help others.

With love, Loriana

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