The ArmorUp for LIFE® BRAM S&H Challenge

Good morning !
 We are just days away from the challenge. You can register right here on the website. The mission of the challenge is to get you to ArmorUp for LIFE®-through:
 Financial and Spiritual Fitness.
 You will get a FREE 30 day membership, body fat tested, a t’shirt and a chance to win prizes.
 The best part is your $30 goes straight to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
 If you don’t live here you can always make a donation and help a cancer patient in need AND ArmorUp for LIFE® in your own life. We will be posting workout videos, smoothie videos and more to give you the right tools for success.
 Go make some memories and get prepared !!

– Thank you for the continued prayers and taking the time to ArmorUp for LIFE® in your own life!
 God bless!
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Loriana Hernandez