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Run down? Why your stress levels could be inviting illness in.

putyourarmoron IMG_4554Stressed? Toxic people in your life? No sleep? Traumatic experiences happening like job loss, loss of a family member or divorce ? Boost your immune system or these types of stressors could be a trigger and open the door to illness like cancer.
I feel so compelled to share this information to protect you or your loved one from cancer after a few fascinating meetings with top cancer researchers until they said “the mice are calling” and had to return to work.. but here’s what I learned!!

This journey has been long and tough for me and I can’t help but continue to put my reporter hat on and dig for answers.
In recent weeks i have had the honor (either through my own doctor appointments or through meetings to dig for answers) to speak with world renowned oncologists and researchers…. their message to everyone — KEEP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM STRONG.


When your body is weak — illness is invited in and they say that is often the connection they make to someone’s diagnosis. It isn’t immediate but usually they will ask a patient, “so what happened in your life ? You had the marker, you were doing fine, so what changed? “ OR to someone once in remission they ask the same thing…. “you were in remission for so long what has happened in your life?” and these researchers tell me the answer is usually it is a traumatic life change or simply a lot of drama and toxic situations in their lives.

I was told that for those who already eat healthy( like I did my entire life) if you don’t rest and you are not restoring cells and you are stressed out then that’s all you need to trigger the cancer. Clean eating and exercise can delay the onset but push your body enough and it will give in. They feel strongly that’s what happened to me.

Yes… weaken your immune system and you invite trouble. Whether its a simple cold, shingles or something far worse like cancer.
Three researchers shared with me that the cure is really within us and it is all about boosting our immune system that’s why doctors are using immunotherapies to treat many forms of cancers.

So how do you boost your immune system? By ArmoringUp!
**Clean up your DIET & eat anti-inflammatory foods- not processed foods. The weight loss will eventually follow but what matters is eating clean foods (not processed) and worrying about total body health.
**EXERCISE -DAILY – if you are prone you can delay or fend off bad things happening.
**and through your LIFESTYLE… that is by limiting the amount of stress you allow into your life and also giving yourself time to rest. Take a vacation. Meditate.
So tonight my plea to you to boost your immune system.
Disconnect from toxic people and toxic moments
ArmorUp for LIFE®
**One interesting note from one of the researchers. He is testing mice to figure out how to find the cancer cells while they are dormant before they are triggered and turn into cancer. If they can determine where these dormant cells are, they could use precision medicine to target these cells before you ever get cancer. How amazing is that??!!!
I wish I could have recorded him so he can make better sense of this but he was rushed and kindly told me “The mice are calling.. i must go !!” Next time he promised to go on camera with me. He is an award winning well known researcher and he left me in awe of his work.
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