Road to recovery

Mamasita Barbara Ferrara-Hernandez we miss you already!!

My awesome mom went back to Atlanta today after taking care of Gabriel for more than a year so I could focus on fighting Leukemia. At 70 years old she raised our then 1 1/2 boy and was his everything. She took him to school, gave him baths, read books, practiced educational apps and did everything a mom would do. It wasn’t easy especially when he would wake up at night crying for me. My mom is one tough Nana but she always has my back and would do anything for her family. We are so blessed to have her. She did what few could do.
And when I was home between hospital stays she took care of me too. Mom I love you and miss you already. Gabriel keeps asking for his Nana.

On that note- also always at my side– my awesome hubby. He took the day off today to take care of me and Gabriel. We both are sick. Gabriel puked and has a fever and I’m not feeling so hot myself. Its been hard to take care of Gabriel when I’m sick too. Recovery ain’t easy but at least I’m on that road and for that I’m happy!!

I’m ready to #ArmorUp for LIFE as soon as I can and get back on my bike !!

Loriana Hernandeza

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  1. Gayle Short
    February 6, 2015

    I have said it many times that there is no one who loves you like your mom. God bless you, your mom and all your family Loriana. Keep getting better and I will keep praying every night for you my screen between friend (means although we have never met, only through Fox news and now your blogs, I consider you my friend).

    Hugs & Love,

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