Paying it forward 






 an amazing “Night of Heroes.” Thank you Nestor J. Aparicio Jennifer Ford Aparicio

I hardly feel like a hero. More like a fighter to make sure no one else walks this path. The heroes are all of you who are the support systems for those in the fight. My husband Cesar is my biggest hero. Family and friends who stood by us.  The other big heroes-those who sign up to be a donor. You give life to someone like me who may otherwise not make it without you. Thank you “There Goes My Hero” for all the swabs you do. 

So many stories tonight. Chuck Pagano was amazing. What we all agree on… Cancer changes you. It softens your heart. Opens your soul. What was once felt like a curse becomes a gift. A gift to help others. 
When you are a survivor you have been given a second chance at life and that chance isn’t just to help yourself but to help others.  You have been given an opportunity to pay it forward in honor of those who fought and lost.  In my heart that “opportunity” is more like a moral obligation to go out and help others… change lives and save lives. It will be my focus for the rest of my life. 

Maria Dennis Jenn love you both. Thanks for always inspiring me. 

#ArmorUp for LIFE® and #PayitForward

Loriana Hernandez