KarenKaren Benbatoul
Chief Marketing Volunteer Warrior

Karen Benbatoul, is our Chief Marketing Volunteer Warrior with ties to the ArmorUp for LIFE® mission through her sister in law, Betsy who is a Burkett’s Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor. Karen met Loriana at US Fitness while they were both ArmoringUp in the Z4 studio. They had an instant connection with their cancer stories as both betsy and Loriana underwent their transplants at the same time. Karen is also a believer in helping others and it was a natural fit for her to help Loriana spread the word about the ArmorUp for LIFE® cause.
Karen’s many connections in the Fortune 500 retail, including sporting goods industries she quickly helped ArmorUp for LIFE® launch its clothing line to assist in raising funds to help outfit cancer patients. Karen is an entrepreneur herself, owning a gift card consulting business for the
past 12 years, helping retailers grow their gift card business in drug, grocery and big box retail stores. Prior to this she worked for an internet start-up, gaining her entrepreneurial spirit & also the Hotel Business for 10 years.

~Gift Card Solutions, Inc. accepts project consulting work in the gift card arena with startups looking to jumpstart relationships with hundreds of merchants in a short period of time. She bring over 22 years of management experience in both gift card and incentive/hospitality industry working with Fortune 500 clients.

We are so honored to have Karen as our CHIEF WARRIOR. Her dedication, kindness, compassion and drive to help the mission is a true blessing.