no test results. 

Thank you everyone for the private messages asking about test results.. but after driving ALL the way back to Baltimore they realized they forgot to run the key ones that really show how I am doing–like what % of my DNA is my sister’s DNA.   and then there is some drama about the stem cell trial researchers refusing to give me results of my stem cell test because i pulled myself out of the study because i didn’t want to be randomized. This trial is SO SO valuable because he can detect if you are going to relapse before it happens by looking into the future basically….  

Lets just say sometimes i don’t want to be a reporter and ask so many questions because it causes too much fear because my doctor is very blunt and honest.  I really don’t want to know the stats anymore. — it so much to explain… I’m so drained and i left in tears.  I’m mentally exhausted.  Again, NO test results yet but a lot to share and once Gabriel goes to sleep i’ll sit and write it all down. He’s cranky right now and wants my attention. 

For now.. i’m going to take Gabriel on a bike ride and have a picnic because i just need to get away.  I’ll break down all the details tonight because i think it is valuable information to learn and share with others if you ever find yourself on this journey.

Please.. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING.. and take time today and each day to enjoy life.  It is so important to live with no regrets. 


Loriana Hernandez