New 100 Day challenge? Are you up for it?

I think it’s time to start another 100 Day Challenge to ArmorUp for LIFE® for your health.. to get fit to fight. Who is in?
We can start it May 1st so you have time to go shopping and clean out the fridge!!

In the past month, I have so many urgent text messages, emails or calls to reach out to someone IN THE FIGHT.  Either a friend who was recently diagnosed, or a friends’ cousin, sister, brother, aunt or uncle is undergoing treatment and is struggling or they need someone one to talk to— or someone on FB reaching out because their friend or family has cancer and doesn’t want to go on and wants to give up and they begged me to call and then I have had friends who lost someone this month to cancer.   OMG as I am typing this.. i just had ANOTHER person reach out to me on FB asking about someone they loved who was just diagnosed. 
It just seems non-stop.  Cancer is ugly and everywhere.  It is heartbreaking.   Many of whom I spoke to are private and don’t want anyone to know but I think a 100 Day Challenge for ALL patients fighting cancer would be a wonderful way to do something in their honor.. AND you never know, your efforts could one day help YOU if you ever find yourself in this fight.  So it’s a win-win right?

If you were diagnosed with a life threatening illness and you needed to be fit to fight— could you do it?  
Is your blood pressure ok? Your weight?  Are you diabetic?  How’s your heart?  If you get cancer— These are all questions your oncologist will ask and YOUR HEALTH will determine HOW MUCH chemo your body can safely handle.  Do you really want to set yourself up to get 1/2 the dose someone else would get? Of course not.  No one wants to half fight for their lives!!  And please don’t think— oh this can’t happen to me.  I walked around with my life planned down to a T— every detail of my future planned out —including a 2nd baby and it all went out the window. God had a different plan.  It CAN  happen to you.  

Anyone up for it? It is simple. All you have to do is change your life through diet and exercise and post about it. (well you don’t have to post -what matters is you challenging yourself–but it would be awesome). So maybe set a goal to walk 3 miles, or sign up for a 5k or 10k and work towards it, take a yoga class, or maybe cut processed foods out or cut out sugar, cut out sodas, fast food… etc.

 It will ALL make a difference and put your one step closer to being FIT to FIGHT.

Who’s in?
#ArmorUp for LIFE®
Happy Sunday.

Loriana Hernandez-Aldama 

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