My life before cancer and NOW. 

ArmorUp for LIFE® everyone!! Thank you Josh Lippoldfor sharing this video with me as I look back at how FIT I was once. While it sucks to look at see how my life (and body) has changed since cancer — ( internally organs are damaged from so much chemo. Outside I don’t even need to explain. It’s obvious. )I am so thankful I showed up fit to the fight. So yeah.. now i am broken but I am alive and gave myself the best shot at fighting. That’s all i’m asking each of you to do as you #ArmorUp for LIFE®
Think about this.. start off fit.. you might leave broken. Start off in the fight BROKEN.. the where do you go? 
I see this video and i’m going out to ArmorUp for LIFE®. I’m going to dry my tears.. and move forward. I have a LONG LONG way to go to get back here. Kelly Superak I have a lot of your workouts to do to get back to this point — but i’m going to give it all I got even with the little strength and lots of exhaustion I have post ugly cancer.  

Thank you Josh.. this will inspire me.. i can do this! tears drying..

Loriana Hernandez