My biopsy tomorrow

Tomorrow morning I have another bone marrow biopsy. This will look at my marrow and stem cells for cancer cells. I’m scared each time but mentally feel better today then I did a few days ago. I’ll also have my hubby and my sister Lisa Hernandez Scarbrough both there to hold my hand. I’m so thankful for my amazing family — my dad who picked up my sisters kids from school today. My brother-in-law Rickey Scarbrough who is playing Mr. Mom for a few days so my sister can spend time with me and my mom Barbara Ferrara-Hernandez who is also constantly sacrificing to help in this fight. She will be watching Gabriel all morning so Cesar and Lisa can be with me.

My sister hasn’t seen me since December since before I was diagnosed. She has been busy helping with Gabriel and her own family. This means so much. Hoping for healthy cells tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers. #ArmorUp for LIFE®


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