Leukemia Ball

Woo hoo!  #ArmorUp for LIFE® 

Cancer you can kiss my ASS! First date night out since I left the hospital. I have felt too guilty to leave Gabriel but exception made tonight to raise more than a million dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society especially crappy AML that has treatment that hasn’t changed in 30 years!  We need a cure. No one should have to walk this same journey. LLS is such an amazing organization to support! The stem cell trial that saved my life was funded by LLS. Love them! 

Thank you to the awesome Redskins who invited Cesar Osvaldo Aldama and I to be their guests. We are honored. 

Thank you to Tracey Dunning Garcia for make up and covering up my now bumpy rashy skin and Miranda Whitcher for watching Gabriel. Hope he behaves! 







 God bless everyone who has been my angel along the way and cheered me on and countless others affected by cancer. 


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