Hitting the gym

Rise and shine!

Time to #ArmorUp for LIFE® this morning. 
I’m at the gym this morning for the FIRST time since I was diagnosed w Leukemia. Now post transplant I’m trying to get my strength back and feel human. I’m weak. I have no muscle tone after sitting in bed most of 2014 and I’m over it. I recently got back into yoga. I love it. Vinyasa classes which if you haven’t tried it is like a bunch of planks and slow push ups. It’s not the hot hot yoga I love but it’s challenging and today I decided to go to the gym (I wear gloves to avoid germs and I don’t touch weights. I bring my own stuff ).  The only class available this morning is called. Hard Drive. Haha. I will be starred at because it says for the experienced athlete. Its agility drills. I’m lucky I can do 2. But who cares!  I’m here. It will inspire me to try and see where I want to be. I may have to sit down but I damn sure will NOT quit. 
Please get up and #ArmorUp for LIFE®
Who cares if you don’t like what you look like at the gym. I look like a hot mess. Go for your health. Go to get fit to fight. It could save your life one day. !! 

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