Headed to Hopkins for tests-asking for Prayer

I wrote this Wednesday but my website was down. 

Friday I got back to Johns Hopkins for more testing.  Because of scheduling I have to bring Gabriel with me again. It is just what we do. He knows the routine. He holds my hand during my test. He wipes my tears and tells me it will all be ok. It’s a big job for a little 3 year old. This is what he knows. 
Today he promised me that if I ever got sick again he would grow up and be a doctor and “Fix me” so I shouldn’t worry and that he would never forget me if we were separated again. He is an old soul.  
Before you think “wow, she had lost it.” Think again. I have talked to cancer survivors during my recovery and we all go through this in different forms and degrees. Many of us do panic when we feel an odd pain like today when i had bone pain in my arm. Bone pain is a symptom… so of course i started to worry. 
And now i’ll end on a ridiculous note to really prove how stressed i am ahead of my appointment.. I cried during the kid movie “Open Season” because the bear didn’t want to go back to his mommy after being apart. Good lord.. that should make you end with a laugh right? 🙂 
Don’t forget to #ArmorUp for LIFE®— be prepared for life.

You truly don’t know what life will bring and the least you can do is show up prepared!! 

Loriana Hernandez

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