Happy Thanksgiving Day 29

If you have had a rough Thanksgiving with in-laws, extended family members don’t let it impact your day. Be thankful GOD gave you THIS day. Be thankful you woke up, be thankful you aren’t celebrating while fighting for your your life. Be thankful you had the immune system to get up and go to where ever you celebrated even if it wasn’t what you anticipated. Be thankful you are and can be surrounded by family. Be thankful for life. Please keep things in perspective. Sorry to sound preachy but I’m seeing posts leaving my heart heavy and I couldn’t hold myself back. You have life and family? Life is good. Work it out.. get over the animosity. Life is too short.. it’s not worth all this anger. One day life may throw you a curve ball and you won’t be prepared to #armorUp and you might wish those little problems were all you had.

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