Graft vs Host fever Day 27

Fever for 3 days now. On standby to get admitted. They are waiting to see if I look worse.

All tests (cultures etc. No flu. No RSV, X-ray clear so no pneumonia) came back clear so they think it could be engraftment. That’s Graf vs host disease GVHD of Lisa Hernandez Scarbrough marrow trying to settle. My counts went up today which is one reason why after a 4 day tumble from fevers. The other reason is all the bone pain I’m getting.

So keep me in your prayers that this misery is just good news on this day 27.

#ArmorUp for LIFE® please. So many stories to tell. Don’t let yours be one of them. How is your challenge going?

Thanks for the prayers. Phone is on silent so I can sleep but I appreciate you for your strength you give me.


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