Good Dinosaur Review 

Back to my review of The Good Dinosaur.. Spoiler alert if you really care how the Good Dinosaur plays out 🙂

Did anyone have issues about the Daddy Dinosaur drowning in a raging floor and dying in the beginning of the movie? I really think they could have come up with a better way to tell the story.
While I liked the message about “leaving your mark on society and doing something bigger than you,” I didn’t think it was good for Gabriel especially a child who has issues with separation anxiety/PTSD… Your child might be fine with the movie but it was too much for our son but at least I wanted to let you know how the story goes down.
Oh.. The rest of the movie the baby dinosaur is trying to find his way home and go back and help his mom survive since his dad isn’t there to help. At one powerful point in the movie the baby dinosaur draws a circle in the sand to symbolize his family by using sticks. Then the daddy stick he lays down on the ground and buries it with dirt.
Again, this is such an individual decision. You might think this is a GREAT movie and love the script but not a good one for us–too heavy– and wanted to share in case your child might get upset.
Given I already struggle with PTSD and even the death of a ridiculous dinosaur can upset me. I didn’t like it but I noticed Gabriel was upset too.  
Anyone else have any thoughts>?? Am I way off on this?

Loriana Hernandez