fox 5 DC back on the air- 

Here is my interview today on FOX 5 DC.. They made me feel so welcome and it really did feel so good to be back on the air again even if it was just for one segment. I miss doing live TV -anchoring Good Day, reporting both hard news and health and wellness stories. It will always be part of me.
I know looking at myself here even in this shot I can see how much cancer has changed me. Cancer stripped me of so much. Leaving TV and getting cancer was like a one-two punch. I have changed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually but I have to believe there is something bigger to my fight. It’s just tough to see I’m not the person I used to be. BUT… despite the battle the journalist in me never died… and never will. I will tell stories and write for as long as i’m blessed to be here. I just hope to continue to have that outlet to do so.  Fox 5 DC ArmorUp for LIFE® Interview

Loriana Hernandez