Follow up at Johns Hopkins

Good am.
It’s been a long sleepless night. I’m back at Johns Hopkins today for my regular follow up appointment. Every time I have to come here I get sick to my stomach and overcome with anxiety. Nothing like sitting in the waiting room after tests are run to make sure there is still no cancer.

Overall I’m feeling stronger each day. I ride my stationary bike 45 min a day. I lift weights even when I would rather sleep but I still get moments in the day where I’m so exhausted that I need to beg Gabriel to sit down with me on the couch so I can sleep. Gabriel is so sweet about it. He runs to his play room and gets his doctors kit. Pretends to check my blood pressure. Gives me a pretend shot and asks me if I’m all better. Then he sits on the couch and watches tv while I close my eyes and rest for a little and holds my hand. He’s such an old soul and an angel.

I am so excited that I joined a yoga studio. I haven’t asked my doctor yet but I will today. There is a 630am class that has very few people. I hope he says yes! It’s not hot yoga like I like. He already said no to that. But going early would allow me to go do my yoga and come back before Gabriel wakes up and asks for me. I’m ready to start classes. I miss yoga. It’s so amazing for the mind body and soul and I need it to help me minimize my stress and anxiety… Some caused my all the medications I’m am taking.

Thanks for all the love, prayers and support on this journey. I’ll take the prayers at this very moment as we wait for my test to come back. I see my doctor in an hour.

Love you guys for keeping me strong. Please don’t forget to #ArmorUp for LIFE®. Be prepared for life. You never know what challenge it will bring and you want to be #Fit2Fight


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