Father’s Day -My ‘making memories’ obsession 

You may have noticed I’m obsessed with making memories.  You don’t have to be as extreme as I am but please take time out to enjoy family. You truly don’t know what tomorrow will bring. 

i don’t want to focus on my next doctor’s appointment so instead I’m just trying to make memories with the ones I love. While I’m so focused on kicking cancer’s ass and doing well I will forever have such a fear now of dying.  I saw too many not make it. I’m obsessed with making memories and will soon find a balance. But for now that’s all I want to do. 
 Spent another day making fun memories with my Papi and Gabriel. Papi is in town for an extended Father’s Day. We hit kings Dominion (similar to Six Flags for my Texas friends) and it was awesome. 
It was a sweaty day of fun. I didn’t need hot yoga to detox and #ArmorUp for LIFE®. Try walking the park in 99 degrees and a heat advisory. Lol. It didn’t slow us down and we had much of the park to ourselves. We just enjoyed a few extra shows in the AC to cool off! What an awesome day. 











 Gabriel passed out after a full day of fun even though he insisted when we got in the car that once we got home he wanted me to take him on a bike ride. Haha. Apparently he thinks I’m superwoman. 

Enjoy your day and hope you #ArmoredUp

Loriana Hernandez