I don’t need a “Mother’s Day” because every extra day God gives me with this boy.. is a GIFT and every single day is Mother’s Day!

2 adorable quotes:
Gabriel to me when I didn’t feel well and he was worried— he whispered “Mami, are you still STRONG?”
Me “Yes!!! You bet I am.. I am superwoman! Don’t you ever worry!”
Gabriel… “Good – I’m so happy !! Then put me on your shoulders!!”

Gabriel “Mami, you look beautiful, I like your make up and your perfume. You smell like a princess !”
Me “Aww you make me feel like a princess”
Gabriel “And you make me feel like a knight.”
Best son ever!!

“Mother’s Day” is just a few weeks but I hope you start reflecting on LIFE and how blessed you might be. Every day is YOUR day.

I’m so blessed. All my health problems and I am still moving forward with the hope and prayer that I will have total body healing.


Loriana Hernandez