Every day is Mother’s Day

Every day is Mother’s Day!
 I have been awake since 5am but decided just to snuggle next to my sweet boy, hold him and count my blessings.

I am so grateful for each and every day I get to be Gabriel’s Mami.
 My past has shaped me, softened my heart, touched my soul and forever changed the way I view this holiday.
 The truth is I don’t need this holiday to tell me how thankful I am to be a mom.
 Hallmark can keep it.
 I celebrate motherhood every day.
 Every day I wake up— I say thank you to GOD for giving me another day with my son and allowing me to have another day to watch him grow up.
 When you battle a life threatening illness like leukemia, go through a long separation from your child and never know if you will survive to see your son and then suffer beyond measure for the chance to win and see him …. this my friends will forever change the way you view the world and view life and your role as a mom.
 When every 2 weeks you get a blood test and worry that time can be quickly taken away.
 You will view it through a different lens of gratitude.
 You will make EACH DAY in your LIFE… a GIFT.
 You will pause to make EACH MOMENT a MEMORY that will last a lifetime.
 You won’t take any day for granted —
 So congrats to ALL moms out there — not today.. but every day.
 You are amazing !!
 ArmorUp for LIFE® and make memories —cherish each day and celebrate each day you have.
 Remember –It is all a GIFT.
 – Thank you for the continued prayers and taking the time to ArmorUp for LIFE® in your own life!
 God bless!
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Loriana Hernandez