Enjoying each day GOD gives me

Ok update to my complaint that even 68 degrees in Virginia doesn’t feel as warm as it does in Texas. 68 then turned to 50!  It doesn’t but it’s still beautiful outside and Gabriel and I are on a bike ride and having a picnic.  Thankful for each day and for life. We spent the day biking, hiking, playing in mud, playing at various parks, reading books at the park, blowing bubble and jumping on the trampoline. I’m wiped out but it’s our first decent weather day.  I’m trying to enjoy everyday.

April 24 I have another bone marrow biopsy and a stem cell test of my marrow. This is a deeper look than my blood tests that don’t show cancer. I’m so scared to have this test. This stem cell trial looks way down the road and what cells your body will produce. It’s the same test detected my cancer returning in October and threw me into transplant. I expect it to be clear GOD willing but I’m scared S#%T.

It has to be clear. I don’t ever want to go back.

Please pray for those 2 tests to show I’m clear of cancer cells and that my amazing sister Lisa Hernandez Scarbrough marrow took over. Love you Lisa. I know your marrow can do it !

For now I keep up my yoga, bike rides and picnics with Gabriel and keep my mind busy.  That and lots of prayer. Thank you for caring and not giving up on me and my fight to be cured forever.





#ArmorUp for LIFE®

Be prepared for life and get fit to fight whatever battle you may one day face.

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