early Christmas 

Yep.. to quote Gabriel last year.“Mami it might be halloween on the outside but inside it is Christmas!!”

That is right. Mark it down. Oct 17th and we have our tree up and I am so excited.


 Last year at this time, I was getting ready to say goodbye to my son for a 5th time and go to Johns Hopkins for 75 days again but this time it was for a life-saving bone marrow transplant to fight Leukemia. Doctors didn’t know if i would survive. I didn’t know if I would ever come home or see my son again. I insisted that we share that memory together of putting up the tree to celebrate LIFE and God’s love, and the miracles he puts in our lives each day. I told Cesar, if I am so blessed to make it out of that place alive and come home to see my son and see you again then we will FOREVER put our tree up on this day.  
And so there it is… a symbol of God’s love for all of us is up at our house. It is also very timely and good for me to see this.  

Despite the challenges we may face on other levels in our lives –THIS tree reminds me that I am still alive. My son can still sleep in my arms and I am breathing.

The battle isn’t over yet… but I am here.

I feel like I keep running back to back marathons with new challenges ahead but I am so blessed.

October 30th is my next bone marrow biopsy.

I pray for a clean biopsy and no signs of cancer.
ArmorUp for LIFE® my friends.. 

take care of your health!! 

It’s time for me to go to sleep. Did you know that when you sleep you rebuild NEW cells and lack of sleep can impact your cells.

On that note…  

Dare I say… this before Halloween — a very EARLY Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


It’s not finished yet but I think we have time. Haha

Loriana Hernandez