Driving back to Baltimore for more tests-brings back memories

Today I head back to Johns Hopkins for yet more tests and I pray to hear the words—No signs of cancer. I’m so stressed every time I have  
to make this drive. I hate having to kiss Gabriel and Cesar goodbye in the early morning because it reminds me of when I would kiss Gabriel goodbye and say “Mami will be right back” and it was a lie because “right back” meant a few months. This whole trip to Baltimore always makes me sick to my stomach.
I will go and get simple blood test that will tell me how my entire body is doing. How damaged are my kidneys and liver because of so much chemo and most importantly can look at the cells to make sure they are normal and there are no signs of cancer. This basic test is available to YOU too and I urge you to get one regularly. This battle of mine inspires me to fight for ALL of us. Don’t let something as life-threatening as cancer sneak up on you… be proactive and then be prepared in case it does.
Today I ask you… Are you FIT to FIGHT? 
If you were diagnosed with cancer or any life threatening illness today- could you fight?  

Would your body handle the LARGEST dose allowed or will we see 1/2 bag of chemo handing from your I-V stand because your doctor has to tip toe around all your health problems? My mission to help YOU and your loved ones #ArmorUp for LIFE® continues tonight.

Remember.. the more FIT you are the BETTER prepared you are to fight.
Today…. I hope to help you #ArmorUp for LIFE® with these questions.. when was your last physical ? Even better, when was the last time you went in to the doctor “just because” and had a simple blood test ordered that would look at your complete blood count… a CBC? It takes 5 seconds to draw. 5 minutes out of your day and yet some of you are avoiding it. In fact, a dear friend I know refuses to get a physical because he is scared of what he may find out.  

Wouldn’t you WANT to know if something serious was brewing so you could treat it and survive rather than finding out when it is already too late.  
It was THAT very CBC test that detected my leukemia and caught it early enough to save my life. 

 How often do you need this CBC? Often and your insurance should cover it.

Think about this. Oct 2013 I had that test and it came back normal. By January 2014 I had Leukemia -cancer of the blood —meaning it is throughout the body. It is acute. What would have happened if I didn’t want that 2nd baby and I didn’t get that blood test?

I probably wouldn’t be here today writing this. Leukemia is aggressive and moves fast and if It wasn’t detected as soon as it was — i could have died.

Please don’t get caught off caught. Take time for preventative tests. I was always “too busy” for these tests. Thank GOD I wanted a 2nd baby. The loss may have broken my heart but it saved my life and i’m here today with Cesar and Gabriel because of this simple test. 
Please make a commitment to change #ArmorUp for LIFE®… change your life through diet, exercise, lowering stress levels and taking preventative measures so you aren’t caught off guard and IF something ever does happen you are so fit you are able to put up the toughest fight ever!
What else can you do to #ArmorUp for LIFE®

Sign up for a race and get your kids involved. Start a life long habit and make it fun!!

Start a yoga workout. There are so many kinds from restorative to hot sweaty yoga to bikram.. pick one that works for your needs

Lower your stress levels in your life ( take a vacation, let go of unnecessary anger, make time to relax)

Workout, walk, take up a sport you enjoy, go on a bike ride, play tennis

Eat balanced, INCREASE your water and veggie intake, CUT OUT processed foods (white starches). CUT OUT food dyes and preservatives. If you can’t read the ingredients and you don’t know how to pronounce them then your body likely doesn’t break them down well. Don’t eat it.  

Organize your life (de-clutter which ultimately will minimize stress)
So many asked what they could do for me during my battle. This is it

.Just pick something and start #ArmoringUp.

Thanks for the prayers– i’m always so full of anxiety these days. I don’t want to check in to that hospital ever ever again.  


Loriana Hernandez