health_egeFor as long as I can remember clean eating has been a huge part of my world.

As a journalist, I sought out top experts in the field and picked their brains. With every interview, I grew more and more knowledgable and I was compelled to share every thing I learned with viewers and friends on Facebook.

Now, as I wage my battle with cancer, I know first hand that eating healthy can literally save your life, and the need to share what I know is more urgent. So, with the launch of my personal battle cry #ArmorUp for LIFE® I am asking everyone to take their eating and their health to the next level.

lucky_charmsSome Suggestions:

  • Challenge yourself to eat healthy, eat clean and feel better
  • Read the labels, eat food with few ingredients
  • If you can’t pronounce each ingredient it’s likely your body can’t recognize them or process them properly
  • Cut the white flour, cut out the sodas, cut out the food dyes, additives, preservatives, synthetics and chemical products
  • Go back to the way eating used to be before food manufacturers started adding so much processed junk to our food
  • Go back to a time when everything was grown in the garden and wasn’t sprayed… when it was organic
  • Look for locally grown, organically grown food

Roll back the clock with your diet, and give yourself a longer, healthier life.

As you transition to your new healthier life, I invite you to share your progress and insights. Try overhauling some of your favorite recipes, to make them cleaner, and post them here.  Tell the #ArmorUp for LIFE® community if you find a great new healthy product, or something else we should avoid. Let’s make this community driven and help one another #ArmorUp for LIFE®.

When I am out of the hospital, I promise I will join you and post videos on healthy eating.  BTW, you can make some yummy desserts WITHOUT sugar just by substituting pureed figs, brown rice syrup or maple syrup.  I’ll share them when with you all as soon as I’m done kicking cancer’s ass!