Day 95 post transplant

Good am! Happy Day 95 post transplant. Here’s one of my updates I sent to my awesome Fox family in Austin. Forgive the 3-2-1. Lol. Cesar Osvaldo Aldama and I were trying to record as fast as we can before Gabriel started to try to dance in the shot. It’s always fun to tell him not to talk for 2 minutes. Suddenly he has a lot to say!

As for my update. Oh my hair is growing back!! Woo hoo. Take a look. What I left off is fighting a cold right now that without an immune system has me very weak with a bad cough. My doctor is watching me carefully because his concern is pneunomia. I’m still waiting for a day to tell you I feel great. Doctors say that may be awhile. Otherwise in the big picture there is great news to report!

#ArmorUp for LIFE® my friends. Get fit and take care of your health. Be prepared for whatever comes your way!!


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