Day 9

DAY 9 today…
Now I hIMG_4257-0.JPGave 2 countdowns going… 1) what day I am on in my new life, and 2) how many days until I can see Gabriel — maybe. That’s 51 days and counting. Also today Cesar surprised Gabriel at school in Peachtree City, GA. Gabriel has been acting out a bit and really needed to see Cesar. Attached is a pic of my boys waving to me on the school video camera system. Gabriel tells all his classmates when their mommies pick them up that HIS Mami is at the doctor. Tough for a little boy.

Today was another long day! I can’t believe I just drank a TALL cup of coffee as part of a cocktail to get rid of a headache. I’ll be up all night! I am so scared of getting a migraine again and ending up back in the hospital overnight. So they prescribed me one of the few 3 part headache cocktails used in ERs. Reglan, benadryl and caffeine. It’s my only option. I can’t take Tylenol. It would mask a fever and sign of infection. I have zero white blood cells so if I were to mask an infection it could kill me if it wasn’t treated.

My days consist of going to the hospital to a little room with a bed and chair for my caregiver. I spend most of the day curled up under a blanket as i get lots of IV meds including immunosuppressants, then i needed platelets. I have only 10 platelets. Had an allergic reaction to the transfusion -broke out in hives and my throat felt tight. Between Benadryl and other meds I soon felt better but it did make for a long day. I also get shots daily in my stomach to make my white counts come back.. with the goal of it returning with ALL my sister’s blood.

Say many prayers!!



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