Day 6

family_portraitIt’s Day 6 — time to rise and shine. 

I’m having trouble shining right now, but i’ll get there.

It’s been a long 24 hours. Checked out of the hospital and came back to my housing across the street. Still lots of nausea, lots of meds and tears because I miss Gabriel and I have at least 54 more days to go before I can see him.

I’ve cried all night.

Yesterday on FaceTime he asked when he can come home. If i’m better yet. My heart broke. I almost don’t even want to talk to him and not let him down. My mom is doing an amazing job keeping him busy with school and friends and his teachers are amazing too, so I’m blessed that he forgets seems to forget about me during the day, and only starts asking Cesar about me when the day is over.

My wonderful step-mom Jane Bennett Nadeau is my caregiver this week and she’s taking excellent care of me. She hasn’t left my side and is keeping me calm and giving me much needed perspective.

It’s hard to get any sleep even though nurses aren’t waking me up here at the family facility. I still have to wake myself up all night for different meds and then throw random meds in the mix as side effects arise. Take one med you get a headache. Can’t take tylenol because it can mask a fever and a fever needs to be treated within an hour or it could be deadly so what other meds do you have… a whole bag of stuff and all with other side effects. One med I take you can’t eat an hour before or 2 hours after so if you are nauseous like I am now you cannot have a cracker. Anyway, just another hurdle I will get over so I’ll quit my whining. Many have taken this journey before and succeeded, and will too.

I will ‪#‎ArmorUp for LIFE®‬ and get over it!

Interesting details about the treatment protocol, for those who like to learn some medical info on these posts:

  • Yesterday I started 2 immunosuppressants —Tacro & Cellcept — they work hard to keep my immune system down so my sister’s marrow can take over.
  • I also started a growth factor shot in my stomach— this is to help my counts come back up and the goal is to come up with my sister’s DNA- her marrow!!
  • Never have I been so excited to get daily shots in my stomach (well except for IVF for Gabriel) — but I knew there was a good reason for it so I was so excited I couldn’t wait.
  • I will get those shots daily for a few weeks.
  • Then on DAY 30 they will draw my blood and hope to see 100% Lisa’s blood. Of course, they NEVER tell you on that day — instead you get to stress for another week while waiting to get the results.


Please keep giving me positive things to read and forget about all the negative stuff you hear around here.

Change your life while I change mine!

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