Day 5

Rise and shine.
Please join the 100 day challenge and surround me with positive stories to keep my spirits up while my 100 days are tough.

Last night they had to hospitalize me because I was so sick from the intense chemo and other drugs that I couldn’t keep anything down. They had to push me home in a wheel chair throwing up, and the night only got worse. Key medicines I need to take to suppress my immune system and make way for Lisa Hernandez Scarbrough’s wouldn’t stay down, nor the antibiotic needed to fight infections that pop up now that they have wiped my immune system out. They admitted me and gave my meds IV and other drugs to stop me from getting sick.

Today I start more meds. Cellcept, tacro, (suppresses immune systems) and growth factor shots in my stomach that make my counts come back. It’s a lot of meds to keep down w nausea.

Just had that shot in my stomach… I was never so happy to get one (oh except the fertility ones to have Gabriel); this shot will bring my white counts back and this time they will be my sister’s!! So amazing!! I’m in awe of how this works. I’m so blessed.

Stay strong everyone. I can do this. It’s just a few more hurdles put in my path but I will overcome it and win. I have too much support. Thank you for your love and prayers. Please ‪#‎ArmorUp for LIFE®‬ and take care of your help. You want to be strong if you have to fight something like this!!

Get out and enjoy your life, enjoy every moment and make time for those you love and care about.

Please sign up to be a donor. Save someone’s life like mine so they can watch their kids grow up!


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