Day 48

I might be able to see Gabriel one week from today!!
While i’m doing great (the usual challenges and pains) it simply means is that my doctors feel I have enough white blood cell counts to safely be nearly 2 hours from the hospital in the event of a fever or illness. Nothing changes about my status.. my immune system is and will remain compromised until a full year is complete. I am doing great.. here’s my update!!!

I’m so excited to see my son. When I get out of here after spending most of the year (144 days) in this hospital and apart from my family, it will be hard to find me. I’ll be in hiding with my sweet angel and my hubby and my amazing mom who did something near impossible… raise Gabriel from 1 1/2 years old to 2 1/2 on her on at the age of 70. I’m forever grateful for my mom Barbara Ferrara-Hernandez and my sister Lisa Hernandez Scarbrough who saved my life and my hubby Cesar Osvaldo Aldama who is my rock and NEVER left my side or gave up on me.

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