Day 43.

Before I get to my update and great counts on this DAY 43 —I had to share this:

How safe are you from germs? Let me share the info about droplets…..As in the droplets left in the air after people sneeze or cough.

I’m learning a lot about droplets while I’m here and it explains why I’m wearing a mask but worth sharing since we are in flu season and you should protect yourself from germs as well. It might be a common sense thing but I thought it was worth the reminder. .

Did you know if someone walking in front of you sneezes, you can walk right into the path of the droplets that came out? Right into the path of whatever germ or illness they are fighting. Did you know those drops can land on surfaces like an elevator button, counter top, waiting room chair, airplane arm rest or other surface and stay active for up to 10 min or more. Then you touch it and you touch your face and depending on your immune system bam you have picked up whatever that person has.

Although you don’t have a compromised immune system it is worth carrying antibacterial wipes around this flu season and wiping down items before you or your child touch them so you too can stay healthy. So think about this the next time the person walking in front of you or next to you sneezes or you touch that elevator button. Tis the season for germs. 🙂

On another note for my update:
Graft vs Host Disease is still going strong. My face looks like i have poison ivy all over and it itches but i’m sticking it out for the greater good so Lisa’s marrow can search and destroy any remaining cancer cells, if I have any. That is part of what GVHD does.

As for my counts— some of this may not make any sense to you and others will appreciate how excited I am and blessed I am for my hero Lisa Hernandez Scarbrough

White blood cells:
The low range of a non cancer normal person is 4500. This is huge. I haven’t had a number this high as long as I can remember.
I used to leave the hospital with 600 and pray to get to 1200 before i came back.

Neutrophils :
2970. ( type of white cell to fight infection)

Platelets are dropping fast bec graft vs host drops your platelets.
102. They were up to 150.

Red blood cells
They are dropping too. If I don’t start making my own soon I could need more blood transfusions but I hope not.

Thanks for the love and prayers as always.
Please go #ArmorUp for LIFE® for your life.

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