Day 40 struggle and GVHD

Day 40
So much to report one his day.
Good news: my white counts are way up. Also good, sort of, I have Graft vs Host Disease. GVHD. This is the fight between my sisters marrow (graft) and my marrow (host). Doctors want a small fight between marrows. This says something is happening. Its makes you weak and tired and It’s a big rash that itches really bad on my hands,face, head, arms etc. I can handle this but….. It could get worse and if it does, it affects when I leave and see Gabriel. Why? Because a severe case of GVHD can be dangerous. Both a possible delay to see Gabriel and the potential danger had me hysterical. It’s hard to have ZERO control of the situation. It’s all in GOD’s hands and I’m trying to let go and let GOD. I trust I’ll be out of here Christmas Eve. Right now, it’s day by day.

As you may know, everyday I go into the hospital for hours to get blood drawn and meet with doctors. You check in a room and get treated all day. But I was supposed to start having doctor visit off days to prove I can do this on my own and good to be released early but now I have to continue to go in daily and have my rash evaluated.

My real struggle…. This horrible cough and virus. If you were to get this with an immune system this could affect you 3 days or so. For me, it can take weeks to recover. The price to pay for no immune system. I can’t talk on the phone or I’ll have a coughing fit. I’m struggling to breathe normally. This journey has been tough but I’m fighting hard.

I know this is my cure. It’s just a traumatizing road to get there but I trust in God I’m on my way.

Oh btw tonight Gabriel put on his doctor suit and said “hi I’m doctor Gabriel. Pleased to meet you.” That boy keeps me fighting. So cute.


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