Day 4

IMG_4203-0.JPGIt’s Day 4 of my new life and the 100 day challenge and s%^t what a challenge it is!!!

Yesterday, after chemo and so many drugs to help minimize the bad side effects of chemo, I was either sleeping, curled in a ball for my 12 hours of treatment or wasbusy getting sick. Haven’t kept anything down except crackers. Everything makes me sick.

I felt so defeated having to ask Cesar to push me back in a wheel chair last night. No #ArmoringUp. I was sick all night.

Today I repeat the same chemo and same drugs. Can’t wait. Lol. The nurse says this chemo –Cytoxan –is so much more difficult than the one I had last round.

Every day won’t be like this but it does do a number on your mind. I hate not feeling myself. I’m used to pushing myself, even after puking, to go walk. But yesterday that didn’t happen. I was warned it will likely happen again. This is very intense chemo to suppress my immune system. Once I hit zero on my blood counts then I’ll start growth factor shots (daily in my stomach) to make my counts come back.

So much more to share… But I think this is plenty for today. I’ll be strong again very soon.

Thanks for the prayers.
Please #ArmorUp for LIFE® for me.


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