Day 35

Today is day 35 but Here’s my Day 34 post. Sorry I fell asleep before it posted. 🙂

Here’s a gift headed Gabriel’s way.
Cesar will deliver it when he visits Gabriel this weekend in Atlanta.
Here’s the story behind it… Gabriel is obsessed with Dcotors. He will tell you before you ask, “my mommy is at the doctor.” At school when other Mommys pick up their kids he tells them “My mom is at the doctor.” He also asks me if i am all better yet.

And when he gets home at night he takes my moms blood pressure with his toy blood pressure cuff and doctor tools and checks my mom’s health out… first with his stethoscope and tells my mom “take a deep breath. uhhhhh haaaahhh.” and simulates breathing in and out, in and out… then says “you ok Nana?” then he takes her blood pressure. When Cesar arrives he too gets a full check up to make sure he is well and doesn’t need to go to the doctor. He wants to make sure everyone is healthy. I promised him soon Mommy will be healthy but in the meantime the child psychologist suggests I send him this gift so he can have a role in my wellness and feel like a doctor. So we got him this adorable Melissa & Doug Doctor Jacket AND it says Johns Hopkins on the front. He is going to LOVE it.
Jo-Ann got his scrubs with Hopkins’ name on the back that says future doctor.

I can’t wait for him to try it on. He will be so so excited.
Cesar will post the pics this weekend.

As for me.. my counts are doing better despite me being so frustrated with this virus i’m fighting. The big issue with this virus is having trouble breathing well. I had nebulizer treatments today and have trouble laying down without coughing. Doctors want me to relax and have no stress. They say it is key to getting healed from this virus and healed in the big picture of being cured. The sooner I get well… the sooner i can see Gabriel once its time. I do not want to stay longer…. so i am meditating a lot and resting as often as I can without coughing getting in the way.

Here are my counts.
Yesterday verses today.

White blood cells

Neutrophils 1.27–1.31


Red dropped

Basically, this is all good news. Eventually, I need to start making my own red blood cells so they can stop the transfusions.

God bless and #ArmorUp for LIFE®

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