Day 33

Day 33
Did I mention Day 33 of the 100 Day Challenge? How is your workout? Did you quit or cut down on cigarettes yet? Did you start eating clean.
Just a reminder of the big challenge.

I’m so so excited to be on Day 33. It’s been a struggling but overall I feel amazing.
My heart feels so happy as I move closer to Day 60. There have been ups and downs especially with my counts. They go up and then fevers tear them back down. Th rise and fall can be stressful but it’s also like getting on the scale daily… there can also be slight fluctuations and same goes with blood counts.

My biggest challenge: trying to get in as much nap time in as possible and my awesome caregiver taking orders from my doctor to silence my phone and make me sleep. Sleep heals the body. I also need to walk. So all I should be doing is resting and walking. I’m also up to 30 pills a day and 2 different cough syrups and it just keeps adding up. It is a lot to keep track of. Cesar decided I shouldn’t be allowed to dispense my own medicine after i came up 20 pills short and needed a refill a week early. It’s just so much to keep track of.

Talk about meeting angels.. and the angels among us.. and Cubans 🙂
Everyday when I go to the Jesus statue it seems someone touches my life and my heart. Whether it’s a little boy with a mask ask also asking GOD to heal him or an adult also in pain asking for a cure. It meet the most amazing people. Today a woman saw tears in my eyes as I stepped away. She walked over to me… put her hands on my shoulders and said “Excuse me, I want you to know that GOD is going to heal you. You will be ok.” I broke down crying over. Did she see all the pain in my eyes as I was kneeling down to pray? I began to tell her about Gabriel and how much he needed me and how much I needed him.” Her touch on my shoulder brought a sense of peace over me. I always get a big feeling of peace in that room. Then Jo-ann, my friend and caregiver this week, and I all stood around talking. She is Cuban from Miami. Did I mention Jo-Ann is too. LOL. We all started laughing and talking about Miami. It turned into what felt like a group prayer, as we lifted each other up spiritually. Then I invited her to Virginia to our house when I’m cured. It’s what Cubans do. You become instant familia. Lol.

Please #ArmorUp for LIFE® take care of your health, your mind, body, soul and don’t forget to feed your soul.
It gives you strength to get through tough times like this. I never knew I was this strong until being strong was my only option.
God bless you.


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