Day 30!! Almost there. :)

Day 30
Well part of the mystery is solved. I have the rhino virus. May sound like nothing to you but if you have low counts and a suppressed immune system the average cold can be hell. It’s been a tough week. I’m at least happy we have some answers after all those cultures drawn and I’m happy it’s not more serious.

The good news, my counts were high enough to withstand a tumble. Thank God! For that I’m grateful. It still is frustrating that after all my hard work to get my counts up, the fevers made them tumble. I’m still sitting in a good position to fight. I have 1200 white blood cells. When the fevers started I had 2400. I’m mad what a simple cold can do but blessed it’s not the flu.

I also have a bad cough and some fluid in my lungs so I have a fun little gadget to work my lungs. I do feel better than all this sounds but that’s because I’m resting a lot.

Don’t you worry. I got this.
I have #ArmoredUp.
Yesterday with a 101 fever they said I need to walk to avoid pneumonia and I got up and did it. Mind over matter. Same reason you can hit the gym. Day 30 of the challenge. Don’t stop now. Xoxo


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