Day 3

IMG_4185.JPGGood morning!!
It’s Day 3 of my new life!
It’s Day 3 of the #100DayChallenge
Let’s do this!

Today is my 12 hour treatment day. I start a new chemo called Cytoxan. This chemo is designed to suppress my immune system so my body can accept Lisa’s marrow. This to to avoid or minimize Graft vs Host Disease. (GVHD) Doctors want a little fight… Not a big fight. While this chemo does the job there is one downside to it. It can damage and burn the bladder so every hour I am monitored and I am given a special medication to coat the bladder and protect it. Yes, this may sound like TMI, but again I am writing to educate others in case you or your loved one ever needs treatment and because I think this transplant protocol is fascinating. I wish I would have done a story on this years ago.

As my blood counts move closer to zero and I’m neutropenic (no immune system ) my medicine increases to help fight off whatever comes my way.

I’m taking lots of meds:

  • IV vancomayacin – which I administer myself 3x a day. (You learn how to do these things. It is a pretty powerful antibiotic that can fight off most infections that pop up.)
  • An antiviral
  • An anti fungal
  • Another type of antibiotic
  • 2 additional anti-nausea meds during chemo

Tomorrow we add to the list! As for last night. I did ok. Kept food down. Slept on and off.

Lisa is getting better but kept us up because of her pain. We have walked a lot but haven’t had time to map the distance.

Today Cesar, Lisa and my dad will keep me company and me smiling during my treatment. I love them all so much.

Don’t forget it’s DAY 3 of the challenge. I would love to read about all the positive things you are all doing to improve your health to keep my mind off the negative.

Love you guys!
#ArmorUp for LIFE®

This is a picture of me pushing my sister back after getting discharged. She’s had a rough time. The next day she’ll be pushing me. Sister love!! Together forever.

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