Day 22

Day 22
What a day!
The great news is my counts are GOING UP!!!!
My white blood cells went from it’s tumble of 1200 to 1500 and now 2200!!!!!
This is fantastic.
Also great… i’m making my platelets on my own with my sister’s marrow we hope.
I went from 30-35-38.
The good news was nice to get because I woke up very sick and puking and was super weak today and had a few crying meltdowns for my sweet boy.
Doctors say crying is normal and every patient here cries daily but mine is compounded by separation from Gabriel.
But i feel so blessed and inspired by the good news and know that GOD is working a miracle in me and GOD is GREAT.
I have a new list of medications.. good lord… check out this list and see why i’m tired. There’s no time for sleeping except during the day so if you contact me and i don’t answer I still love the text messages… but I might be sleeping and get back later.
Thanks for ALL the love, prayers and support. It means the world to me!
Please #armorUp
Remember there are a lot of stories to share here at Johns Hopkins… don’t let yours be one of them.
If you have an infection that doesn’t go away… you have anything that is persistent go get it checked out.. it could be a much bigger problem and preventative measures could save your life!!

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