Day 20 great news!!

Day 20—
1/3 of way there — as far as counting down to see Gabriel and GREAT NEWS.
My white blood cells went up on their own from 1300 to 1500. Actual neutrophils ( the key part of the white blood cells went up too from 700-820)
My body made it’s own platelets for the first time without help of a transfusion!!
They jumped 3,000!!! They went from 30,000 to 33,000.
Platelets tend to recover before REDS do so my red blood cells only showed a bump because yesterday I had a transfusion.
So my red blood cells did go up from 25 to 28.5 but it’s an artificial jump.
The doctor reminded me to sleep, eat well and exercise but in moderation. NO more than 2 miles a day doing 1 mile at a time with breaks.
I was reminded that my sister’s marrow as like planting a seed and it’s germinating so I have to treat my body very carefully.
I slept GREAT last night because they stopped my IV antibiotics for ONE night because my levels were high and it was so nice not to do the IV in the middle of the night.
Also interesting… In one year they will look at see what vaccinations carried over from my sister and then i will get all my vaccines.
Maybe they can be spaced out. Something I will be asking.

Thanks for the prayers, love, support and adorable surprises like this blanket. I have no idea who sent it but it’s amazing. It’s one thing I left off my list of what cancer patients love and that’s pictures of enjoying life so we stay focused on the goal of getting well so we can get back to it. Thank you!!!!!!!! I love it.

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