Day 18

Day 18
Losing hair by the minute.
My counts dropped but that is to be expected. After so much growth and pain, the growth shots were stopped and I was warned that the counts would drop. They dropped from 3600 to 2400. They expect it to level off and my body makes white blood cells on it’s own with LISA’S cells not mine.

My cousin left and now my Papi is here taking care of me. I took many naps but did walk 2 miles. 1 in the afternoon and one in the evening. Tomorrow is bingo night. Haha. My Papi wants to go play. Not sure who the patient is. Just kidding. I would rather sleep. Papi is making me smile. One thing this journey taught me is the value of family. My cousin was awesome last week and my Papi will keep me strong and care for me this week. I’m not allowed to be left alone one minute.

Enjoy your night. Please #ArmorUp for LIFE® and remember today is DAY 18 of the challenge to improve your health.


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