Day 17 Wrap Up

Wrapping up Day 17.

IMG_4373.JPGAn emotional one because of all the hair loss, but I did get more good news. My white counts jumped again to 3400. So they have gone from 90-430-1200-2409-3600. Of course with the help of growth shots. Forcing my body to produce so much so fast causes a LOT of pain but I’m used to pain. Nothing I can’t get over. the counts are great. They likely mean it’s my sisters DNA. Amazing.

Again, this doesn’t mean because my counts are up I can quit wearing a mask or be around crowds or germs. The sensors that alert my body of infection, T-cells, are being suppressed. They will be for months. We need my sister’s T-cells to take over too. A Lot needs to happen. It’s not like you get your transplant and viola– it’s perfect. There’s a journey.

Cesar Osvaldo Aldama shaved my head tonight. There were too many bald spots. It was coming out in clumps.

My mother wants me to order my wig. I have waited because let me tell you the last thing you want to do all day is wear a freakin wig and lay in a bed in the hospital while getting playlets or red blood cells and have a wig stuck on. I will order it and worry about it when I feel human and actually can go to a store and feel civilized. I miss Gabriel terribly and will start sending pictures of us when I was bald so he remembers how Mami looked before.

43 days left til I have Gabriel in my arms. I hope!! The days go by so slow. We both cry for each other.

I hope sharing this journey, even the intimate parts about emotions, fear and depression help educate everyone about what a cancer battle may look like. I hope it also inspires you to #ArmorUp for LIFE®. Take care of your health. Get fit for whatever comes your way.

Love you guys. Love every post, text, sign of support. I will bounce back and be ok. But you guys keep me going.


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